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Section 2 - Items requiring inspection


Choose this option if you require an inspection for the glass only. This could be required for the sale of a property, occupancy certificate or a general inspection to confim compliance with regulations as well as a dispute on the glass (Only) type or installation thereof.

Please check the areas that require safety glazing on the summarised SANS 10400-N Ed3 document - Click to download SANS 10400 Regulation document

Glass marking - There should be a glass mark, either etched or screend on all safety glass panes containing the number 1. These include all glasses in all doors, any glass panes which are less tha 500mm from the floor and any bathroom glass within 1800mm of a bath or shower. (Checking and confirming these items with our consultants and or the downloadable regulation document above prior to inspecting your premises could save you a secondary call out charge if the premises are found to be be non- compliant)

Other products to be inspected under SANS 10400-N *

Frame & Glazing - Aluminium

Windows & Doors- Steel

Windows & Doors- Wood

Windows & Doors- Upvc

Shopfronts & Glass fins

Showers-Framed or semi-framed

Windows - Glass Only


Frameless Doors

Furniture Glass

Internal Partitions

Display Units

Other (Please specify)

The following items are not covered under SANS 10400-N , but could be signed off under SANS 10137


Rim Flow Glazing

Bullet resistent glass

Framelss Glass Balustrades


Glass Flooring

Sloped Glazing >15deg

Pool Viewing Panels

Glass for vandalism

Glass in excess of 10m

Bolted Glass assemblies

Fire Rated System

Glass in balustrades


Section 3 - Optional if Required

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This information will help our inspectors compile an accurate report without wasting unnecessary time.

Who was the architect on the Project?

Did you have a project manager on site or are you an owner / builder?


Example A - 1 frame with 3 panes of glass


Example B - 1 frame with 4 panes of glass

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Note: Please only upload files no larger than 1MB.
Please make sure your image is any of the following formats ( jpeg, jpg, png )


AAAMSA Group (herein after referred to as "the inspector")

I, the undersigned applicant, accept that the inspector’s sole obligation is to inspect the installation or product and provide an impartial report to the applicant.

I, the undersigned applicant, indemnify the AAAMSA Group, its associations, the inspector and its officials and hold the inspector harmless against any claim or action by the applicant and/or any other party arising out of this inspection.

I, the undersigned applicant, commit to pay the inspector the quoted value for services to be rendered. I understand that the inspection will not be executed prior receipt of proof of payment (POP).

The AAAMSA Group represents its members and is not a Consumer board nor will be involved in financial, commercial or legal disputes.

By clicking below and accepting the above form you acknowledge that the information supplied is True and Correct.

A copy of this application will be mailed to the email address supplied in the Invoicing section.
Other information to be supplied as a word doc from our attorneys Will follow on a word doc with Terms and Conditions.